Rob Delaney

Aug 29

writ-darling said: I got grounded because of you once. I went to see you perform last year in Houston and it was great and everything but I made the mistake of bringing my very conservative catholic sister and her boyfriend (they were my ride) and I had to pretend I didn't get the jokes and that they weren't funny. (It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life) But when we got home my sister had told our mom about it and I had to play clueless and then she grounded me. It was worth it though.

You are a good person and I care about you. 

Aug 28

REALLY trailer

I’m in a new show called REALLY. It is an Amazon Original Pilot. 


It stars Sarah Chalke & Selma Blair & Jay Chandrasekhar. Jay Chandrasekhar wrote & directed it. 

If you like it and want to see more episodes, please RATE IT, REVIEW IT and SHARE IT. 

A BIG help would be if you answered THIS SURVEY about the show too. Click the little yellow button that says "TAKE THE SURVEY" to do so.

Amazon will decide to make more based on your ratings & reviews. 

Thanks. Do feel free to repost this. xo


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Aug 26

KNOXVILLE • I'm doing a show Sept 3 -

Okey doke?


I need to read Rob Delaney’s book. 

Get it here:


I need to read Rob Delaney’s book. 

Get it here:



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Aug 25

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Meet Comedian ROB DELANEY | Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe -

I’m reading/signing my book in ASHEVILLE NC

ATHENS GA • Come to my show Sept. 4