Oh thank goodness. I’d been hunting for this joke for years and finally a nice person on Twitter sent it to me. This is the first Louis CK joke that I saw that made me go “WHAAAAT who is this guy?” when I was 19 or so. I had seen his standup on TV before and enjoyed it very much, but something about this joke and his decision to just “go” with the car’s broken horn made me say “Hey, this guy thinks a little differently than other comics I’ve seen and I would like to see and learn more about this funny man.” I THINK I first saw him do this joke in a standup show a year or two before this, rather than in this clip from “Dr. Katz,” but it is captured absolutely finely right here so I am satisfied with the yield of my cyberquest. 

I know I called my mom into the room to watch his standup with me and we laughed. Then we probably watched “Chicago Hope” or something. One time we were watching “L.A. Law” together and I got a cramp in my calf and I jumped up and my shoulder hit a framed piece of art I’d done in middle school and smashed the glass that covered it, sending shards of glass and the whole big heavy painting to the floor. She was terrified, the way you’d be if your previously silent couch mate just exploded from their seat and made a loud dangerous mess for seemingly no reason. That has nothing to do with Louis CK but this is my blog so I can write whatever I want. If you don’t like it, go to Drudge Report or Christian Mingle. 

Anyway, I’m happy I found this joke that first turned me on to Louis CK all those years ago. It has been fun and very inspiring to watch him evolve from already very funny to the bald force of nature that he is now. For me and many other comedians, he is at the front of our ragtag unit, cutting vines and underbrush with a homemade machete, so that we can ride our bedazzled Segways down the path, like big assholes, to a more creative, exciting place. 

Thanks Louis.

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