Women w/ Gray Hair

I just posted a tweet that said “Women who chill out & let their hair turn gray make my dick hard.” The sentiment behind it being that a woman is CERTAINLY still a viable sexual creature even though her hair happens to change color because she’s been on the planet for a while. And some of the woman I’ve lusted after the most in my life have been ones whose hair had started to turn gray and they LET it, knowing they were as sexy or sexier than then when their hair was completely black, brown, red, or blonde. IN FACT, I submit that if her hair turns gray and she lets it, a woman is in fact sexier because she exudes a confidence that basically functions as uncut sex-cocaine, giving me the fury and the strength to build a house without assistance in less than 20 minutes and then fuck a happy woman with a few gray hairs in it.

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    This is possibly funnier than the boob post. And I still agree.
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