seanmichael916 asked:

obviously Mitt isn't the choice for president. my question is do you support a change in the system? why does nobody, including you, give any mention to third parties? third parties who have been past the bullshit "political" issues like gay rights and abortion for years. Romney and Obama will be controlled by the money. The higher ups. I'd love to see Obama debate Dr. Ron Paul, but I think he's scared. Be the 5% that changes the political system and ends the oligarchy

OF COURSE I support a change in the system. And I have been vocal about my support of 3rd parties and transparent about and proud of having voted for them in the past. In 2012, however, this nation will elect Romney or Obama. One of those candidates supports expanding health coverage for Americans, one does not. I believe that ONLY AFTER Americans aren’t afraid of having their daughter’s cancer bankrupting them and have access to better, more affordable education (something O champions and R does not) they will be able to CARE about the things that sage, patriotic, 3rd party candidates recommend. I don’t really think of myself as voting for Obama; rather I’m voting for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (in my opinion the greatest piece of American legislation in 75 years), better and more affordable education, and NOT allowing Mitt Romney to ever have even a sliver of influence who sits on the Supreme Court.