Email I wrote to my mom yesterday:

Hi! Didn’t officially meet BO but was just a few feet from him when he gave a speech after his main speech to a much much smaller group of people who’d worked on the campaign. He was great and Michelle was electric. I cried when he won. Remembered paying for my left wrist surgery with 2 credit cards of my own & using a 3rd one of yours whose # you read to me over the phone after [AN INSURANCE CO] dropped me. Then negotiating for the ambulance, ER & the month in the hospital following my accident. Using money Stevie loaned me. After [AN INSURANCE CO] dropped me. After YOU had insisted I get insurance in CA because you KNEW how important it was having been in the business for so long and having had health issues of your own. With Obama’s reelection that cannot happen again. The ACA is cemented. It’s not perfect and it will be stress-tested and hammered into better shape over time, but it’s a good start. And what happened to me is NOTHING compared to what happens and what WOULD have happened to the parents of a NICU baby or a guy in Mississippi with cerebral palsy whose vital homecare could have been eviscerated by the Ryan plan for Medicaid block grants for states to misuse. This will save so many lives and improve the lives of so many others. Obama is not magic but he and Biden have learned from people like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards (despite his later revealed shortcomings, he came up with the healthcare plan Obama would essentially copy) Newt Gingrich (an early and until recent proponent of the health care “mandate”) and yes, even Mitt Romney himself, who I wish to Christ had claimed getting more people in MA insured as something to be proud of. And what a gracious speech from him last night. Very hard to watch.

I am so grateful you are my mom and I’m so grateful you taught me to fight for what is good and try to help other people. Of course I’m crying again now. We’re not entering a magic new era, but a vital and massive step forward has been taken.

I love you.


P.S. the economy will continue rebounding, growing the GDP & reducing the deficit. Obama didn’t do this personally, but history will credit it to him. The “fiscal cliff” is a sexy news story but we’re going to be a-ok as a nation and towering economic superpower for the rest of your life and probably mine too, with all the same boring (and reassuring) problems.

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    Sexiest letter ever. BTW...4th on Salon’s Sexiest Men
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    I didn’t vote for Obama (or Romney; I couldn’t bring myself to back either one), but Delaney is completely on point...
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    Sometimes favorite Rob.
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