For real: You’re THRILLED that Baz Luhrmann is adapting The Great Gatsby and you’re DOUBLE THRILLED he’s doing it in 3D, or you’re an idiot. I am so absolutely not joking. It’s not the best book ever and he’s not the best director ever but that book and that director could NOT be a better more appropriate pair. And 3D, which is shit and garbage and ridiculous normally, should ABSOLUTELY be used for BL’s GG. Big, lush, opulent, bananas; that’s what this will be. It’s ok if this type of thing isn’t up your alley, but get out of my sight if you’ve read the book and have an opinion that deviates from mine by one beautiful, golden hair on the who/how/why of this FILM EVENT. I’m not even kidding; my face looks like I just drank a big slurp of curdled milk when I hear “people” discussing this SITUATION in any manner than the one I’ve outlined, rigidly and correctly, above. 

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    Could have been Christian bale, Keanu reeves and directed by Christopher Nolan
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    My only point of disappointment is that it’s not a musical.
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