Final Mapping the Heavens

This Thursday, my friend Dave Holmes and I will present our final "Mapping the Heavens" at the UCB here in LA. We’ve been doing it for about three years and it’s been amazing fun. Over the years, our guests have included:

Steve Agee

Megan Amram

Kasey Anderson

Maria Bamford

Greg Behrendt

Matt Besser

Matt Braunger

Gabe Delahaye

Lena Dunham

Billy Eichner

Josh Fadem

Jason Falkner

Ana Gasteyer

Pete Holmes

Sharon Horgan

Moshe Kasher

Chris Kelly

Jen Kirkman

Kyle Kinane

Jamie Lee

Gabe Liedman

Joe Mande

Kate Micucci

Tig Notaro

Patton Oswalt

Jimmy Pardo

Chelsea Peretti

Andy Richter

Joey Santiago & David Lovering of the Pixies

Paul Scheer

Peter Serafinowicz

Laura Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Jenny Slate

Brody Stevens

Andree Vermeulen

That’s not even half of the people, by any stretch of the imagination. If I forgot someone, it’s because I have a three month old and a two year old (both born during the run of Mapping the Heavens) and they are eating my memories. It isn’t because every single guest wasn’t amazing in their own way. Mostly; some sucked, but such is life. I sucked at the show sometimes. Dave never did because he’s amazing and brilliant and my oldest friend in comedy. I am grateful to have shared a stage with him for eleven years now, the last three on the stage of the UCB, whose original members, Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh, inspired both Dave and I to give comedy a shot. 

Thank you also to the UCB’s crack staff, and to United States Senator, Michele Bachmann.

Come to our last show. It’s this Thursday night. 

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