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Hey Rob! What do you do if you're at an open mic and the set of someone (or multiple people) before you revolved around unfunny mysognistic bullshit? Do you call them out on it or do you just let it go? What would you recommend? Is there an etiquette for that? I mean, I know it happens a lot, but it's really irritating.

I don’t really go to open mics anymore since I am (thank God) able to get onstage at most clubs or theaters these days. I make that distinction because I can’t remember a professional show where multiple people did sets that were “misogyny heavy” or whatever. I’m not saying those don’t exist; I’m saying I choose to spend my precious time in places where that happening would be a weird anomaly. 

THAT SAID, if I were in a setting where that did happen, I would take a breath before I went onstage and I would verbally lacerate the people who came before me and use the skill I’ve honed over the years to make them feel small and bad and to make the woman and men who are good and kind to women in the audience feel big and good. And I would be funny doing it. I am of the belief that comedy can be muscular, aggressive, “alpha,” profane, filthy, and - at the exact same moment - as enjoyable to women as it is to men. I’d go so far to say that if something is funny to a group of men and it isn’t funny to a group of women, it isn’t funny. Or it at least isn’t funny enough to be the domain of the professional standup comedian, who better God damn well be funny, as it is our sworn duty to be so. And any idiot troglodyte who disagrees should watch the camera cut away from Pryor or Carlin to women in the audience losing their minds from laughing so hard. Women probably went insane watching those guys, never to collect their marbles again. How great is that? 

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